Czyzak was a 23rd century Human woman who served Starfleet as an ensign on board the Federation starship USS Enterprise.

History[edit | edit source]

By 2269, Czyzak was Communications Officer Nyota Uhura's backup at the communications station on the bridge.

In 2269, Montgomery Scott took the Enterprise away from the planet Anomaly to escape communications interference. Czyzak tried to reach Starfleet by transmitting regular distress signals. After the planet's indigenous Arivne transported Uhura and James T. Kirk back to the ship, she replayed the distress signal for Kirk. It had been altered — warning about a virulent plague that had killed a third of the crew — and soon drew the attention of the USS Lysander. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)

Kirk addressed Czyzak as an ensign when she replayed the distress signal.

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