D'Lor is a Klingon man who marries J'Ula. He is a dishonorable man who can not be trusted to honor agreements he makes.

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D'Lor is a male Klingon who is the head of one of the 24 Great Houses who rule the Klingon Empire. He is of the House of Mokai (and the House of Sanar). In the Comic Star Trek Discovery: The Light of Kahless, He becomes husband to the female Klingon J'Ula.

T'Kuvma first meets his brother-in-Law, D'Lor, in the aftermath of the slaughter of his uncle and brothers. He demanded T'Kuvma kneel before him or be killed along with his uncle and brothers. T'Kuvma refused and demanded J'Ula be released. J'Ula is revealed to be involved in the slaughter of her family as she speaks with him alone and confesses to him her plotting with D'Lor. She plans to take control of her House and bequeath both her house and her husband, D'Lor's, house to any children they share. She and her brother fight. T'Kuvma wins the fight, but does not kill her. Instead he makes two demands: 1) She allow him to take the sarcophagus ship and 2) that he be allowed to take the bones of their ancestors.

About a year later, J'Ula gives birth to an albino child, a healthy male of a rare color, She had the child killed, but told her husband that the baby had been still-born and had it disposed of.

He decides the lack of an heir, after only 1 year of marriage, is grounds to change the terms of their agreement. He decides that he will now take control of her House. J'Ula is angry about this change of events. To which her husband replies telling her that he is only interested in bettering his own house.

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There are alternative theories of Unnamed firstborn albino son of J'Ula.

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