D'Nesh was an Orion female of the mid-22nd century. She was an Orion slave girl and a sister of Navaar and Maras.

The three sisters were supposedly purchased from a slave market on Verex III by Harrad-Sar and kept aboard his ship. On 27 December, 2154, they danced for Captain Jonathan Archer, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed and two MACOs in a meeting between them and Harrad-Sar. Then they were presented as gifts to Archer as part of a magnesite mining deal. In reality, it was part of a plot to disable the NX-class starship Enterprise and capture Archer for the Orion Syndicate. The three sisters used their potent pheromones to manipulate the Human male officers and crew and put them into a state of aggression and delusion.

D'Nesh took a tour of Engineering from Commander Kelby. Taking advantage of his rivalry with Commander Tucker, she seduced and manipulated him, but was unhappy about his reluctance to fight against Tucker. For Kelby to have her, she persuaded him to sabotage the Enterprise's engines. The women were arrested after the effects of her pheromones and a communicator were discovered. Later, when the sisters escaped the brig and visited the Bridge, D'Nesh distracted Reed and convinced him to arrest Commander T'Pol. (ENT episode: "Bound")

She had some skills in diplomacy, anthropology, engineering, and computer programming. (CCG set: What You Leave Behind, card: "D'Nesh")

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