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D'Tan was a male 24th and 25th century Romulan, a citizen of the Romulan Republic[1] and a former subject of the Romulan Star Empire.[2] As a young member of the Unification movement, D'Tan was taught by Ambassador Spock and learned to believe that for the Romulan species to survive, it must reject the culture of secrecy and deception that has defined them for centuries.[3] (TNG episode: "Unification II", STO - New Romulus mission: "New Romulus Aid")


Youth in the underground

D'Tan born in 2356. He was a staunch supporter of Ambassador Spock and the idea of reunification between the peoples of Vulcan and Romulus. D'Tan's respect of Vulcans began when his parents taught him about his Vulcan cousins, including their language and the history of the Romulan separation from Vulcan during the Sundering. (ST website:, TNG episode: "Unification II")

In 2379, D'Tan was still an active member of the Romulan underground movement and was still a staunch defender of Ambassador Spock. When Tuvok went undercover on Romulus and entered the sewers where the movement maintained a base, he first encountered D'Tan who aimed a disruptor pistol at him until his identity was confirmed. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

In 2381, D'Tan helped capture the would-be assassin Angarraken after he made an attempt on Spock's life. Spock was worried about D'Tan's continued impetuousness, but Corthin reminded the ambassador of the man's youth. D'Tan was convinced not to torture the Reman, who spoke no word. When Spock delivered Angarraken to Romulan Security in Ki Baratan, D'Tan and Venaster accompanied them but remained outside the police station on Via Colius.

Following the legalization of the Unification Movement by Tal'Aura, Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, to foment the reunification of the Star Empire with the Imperial Romulan State, Spock and his followers organised public rallies.

Months later, D'Tan was a speaker at one of these rallies, held at Relevek Plaza on the outskirts of Ki Baratan. In his short but emotive oration, he extolled the virtues of Vulcan stoicism and logic. His presentation was followed by the older T'Lavent, whose calm reserve and focus on the benefits of the Romulan way of life contrasted with D'Tan's oration. Spock observed the rallies from backstage before he spoke himself.

In these days, D'Tan lived in a small apartment with a companel.

When larger rallies appeared in both nations demanding Romulan unity, D'Tan and Dorlok provided Spock with reports from other cities and planets. D'Tan showed a recording from one on Artaleirh on the Romulan comnet, and confirmed other worlds were Abraxas, Devoras, Xanitla, and Achernar Prime, capital of the Imperial Romulan State. With a potential Romulan reunification imminent, Spock suspected the Vulcan-Romulan Reunification Movement may become illegal again, and ordered to cease public activity. D'Tan felt they could work from the sewers again, as they had before. When Doctor Shalvan suggested the change of the political landscape may enable Spock to become the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, D'Tan smiled at the speechless Spock.

Soon after, Spock accessed the comnet from D'Tan's home when Donatra, Empress of the Imperial Romulan State, addressed the citizens of both empires and proclaimed, "Romulus for Romulans." D'Tan surmised Tal'Aura may agree to a summit with Donatra because she had not stopped the transmission.

Following a meeting with Gell Kamemor, in which the praetor gave an assurance of the Vulcan-Romulan Unification Movement's continued legality, Spock walked from the Hall of State down Via Karzan to D'Tan's home so he could inform the rest of Ki Baratan's Reunification cell. (DS9 - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

In June 2382, the excitable D'Tan and his mentor Spock observed the rally of educator Corthin at the Cailax Auditorium in Villera'trel. Afterwards, D'Tan congratulated Corthin enthusiastically. When it was Spock's turn to take the stage, D'Tan offered the phrase "Vornta vel" (fortunes many). (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)

D'Tan and several other members of the underground survived the destruction of Romulus in 2387. In the 2400s decade, D'Tan gained followers among civilians, like Kylor[4] and Romulan Star Navy personnel, like Admiral Kererek[5]. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Staging Area", STO - Vengeance mission: "Voice of the Voiceless")

Proconsul of the Romulan Republic

By 2409, D'Tan held the title proconsul and was the leader of the Unification movement, which now openly resisted Sela, Empress of the Romulan Star Empire, and her Tal Shiar supporters. (STO - Legacy of Romulus mission: "A Day on the Farm", com radio chatter)

Some Romulan colonies had become independent from the Romulan Star Empire in the wake of the destruction of Romulus. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many, STO website: The Path to 2409) D'Tan's movement tried to forge relations with them, but worlds like Virinat preferred remaining unaligned. (STO - Legacy of Romulus mission: "A Day in the Sun")

The RRW Deihu.

Following the destruction of the Virinat colony by the Tal Shiar and their mysterious, alien allies[6], D'Tan spoke with Virinat survivors, who joined the fledgling military of his Republic, the Romulan Republican Force (RRF), and outlined his vision for a reformed Romulan people. At the time, Proconsul D'Tan operated from a stateroom aboard the Ha'apax-class warbird RRW Deihu, flagship of the Romulan Flotilla hiding in space. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Explore the Flotilla")

D'Tan's Romulan Republic would be an egalitarian multi-species nation-state. The RRF itself included members of alien, Reman, Romulan and liberated Borg species. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Explore the Flotilla")

In contrast, the Romulan Star Empire was now controlled by the Tal Shiar, who maintained Romulan supremacy.[7] The Republic sought allies among other persecuted people, and defended the Suliban of the Suliban Helix from Tal Shir attack. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "The Helix")

The Tal Shiar had enacted an extermination campaign against the Remans. One of their leaders, Obisek, launched the desperate Reman Resistance. (STO - Romulan Mystery mission: "Frozen") D'Tan's RRF arrived at the Reman Crateris colony just as it was exterminated by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies. The survivors split between joining the RRF and the Reman Resistance. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Crossroads at Crateris")

D'Tan was convinced that to gain legitimacy for the Romulan Republic, it needed major powers as allies and to have a homeworld. (STO - From the Ashes missions: "The Search for New Romulus", "Turning Point")

D'Tan and the RRF sought a new world in the Tau Dewa sector block. The RRF returned from Dewa III with the long-lost Romulan artifact the Sword of the Raptor Star. Dewa III was selected for colonization, dubbed New Romulus, and declared capital of the Romulan Republic. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "The Search for New Romulus")

At the Khitomer Conference of 2409, D'Tan gained favor from the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets following the revelation of Imperial duplicity and the sacrifice of the Romulan Temer to save Klingon High Councillor Wodan. Matters were complicated due to the then-ongoing Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Turning Point")

The Klingon Empire and the UFP then, despite their war with one another, became allies of the Romulan Republic. (STO - From the Ashes mission: "Neutral No More")

Soon after, Empress Sela was abducted by the Iconian puppet masters of Tal Shiar leader Colonel Hakeev during the Battle of Brea III. With assistance from Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force and the RRF, the Reman Resistance defeated the Tal Shiar and gained some independence. The galaxy at large learned that the Iconians had engineered the destruction of Romulus and the wars following it. (STO - Romulan Mystery mission: "Cutting the Cord")

On New Romulus

D'Tan in 2409.

The Reman Resistance maintained some independence[8] but joined forces with the Romulan Republic. Obisek met D'Tan at the city on New Romulus, and agreed with D'Tan's vision of a united, egalitarian people that eschewed duplicity. (STO - New Romulus mission: "New Romulus Aid")

Starfleet, the KDF and the RRF worked together to support the fledgling colony. Their arriving officers met D'Tan at the staging area, where he had previously spoken with Obisek. (STO - New Romulus mission: "New Romulus Aid")

In his office, D'Tan was approached by Subcommander Khiana of the Tal Shiar. She offered to make a deal. D'Tan stood by his moral convictions and reminded Khiana of the wisdom of Spock, whom he called the wisest of men. A recording of this conversation was later found by officers of Starfleet, KDF and RRF, and helped convince them that D'Tan's motives were pure. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Hidden Camera")

Khiana approached the proconsul twice more, with no success. She suggested to local Tal Shiar leader Commander Ruul to assassinate D'Tan so that he could be replaced by somebody more accommodating. Ruul was unwilling to create a martyr by murdering D'Tan, and made a deal with the Hirogen to help destabilize the colony. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Secret Shuttle Codes") Soon after, Ruul was captured by Allied forces. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Mountain Pass")

Alternate timelines

In an alternate timeline, D'Tan signed on with a freighter crew working the Bolian run. His skipper got into trouble with the Tholians and D'Tan ended up as a laborer working on a Tholian Assembly space station in the Azure Nebula. This timeline was erased when the USS Enterprise-C escaped the station and was able to return to 2344. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador")





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