D'Tan was a Romulan male who resided on Romulus in the late 24th century.


D'Tan born in 2356. He was a staunch supporter of Ambassador Spock and the idea of reunification between Vulcan and Romulus. D'Tan's respect of Vulcans began when his parents taught him about his Vulcan cousins, including their language and the history of the Romulan separation from [[Vulcan. (, )|Vulcan. (ST website:]]ST website:, TNG episode: "Unification II")

In 2379, D'Tan was still an active member of the Romulan underground movement and was still a staunch defender of Ambassador Spock. When Tuvok went undercover on Romulus and entered the sewers where the movement maintained a base, he first encountered D'Tan who aimed a disruptor pistol at him until his identity was confirmed. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)

Destiny timeline

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Online timeline

D'Tan and several other members of the underground survived the destruction of Romulus in 2387. After struggling to survive in the void for more than two decades, D'Tan entered into an alliance with the Reman resistance leader Obisek to establish a new colony dubbed Mol'Rihan, or New Romulus. By 2409, New Romulus became the capital of a new Romulan nation, the Romulan Republic, with D'Tan as Proconsul. D'Tan continued to honor the memory of Spock (believed killed trying to stop the Hobus disaster twenty-two years earlier) by continuing to work towards an eventual reunification with Vulcan and making peace with the Romulans' traditional enemies, the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. (STO mission: "New Romulus Aid"; STO video game: Legacy of Romulus)

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, D'Tan signed on with a freighter crew working the Bolian run. His skipper got into trouble with the Tholians and D'Tan ended up as a laborer working on a Tholian Assembly space station in the Azure Nebula. This timeline was erased when the USS Enterprise-C escaped the station and was able to return to 2344. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador")




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