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D'Vana Tendi was a 24th century Orion woman, an officer of Starfleet in the 2380s decade. (LD episode: "Second Contact")


Tendi was assigned to the Federation starship USS Cerritos as an ensign in the year 2380. On stardate 57436.2, Tendi arrived aboard the Cerritos.

During a viral outbreak, Ensign Tendi assisted Doctor T'Ana in sickbay. She pumped the heart of a senior officer. Later, she befriended fellow ensigns aboard the Cerritos. (LD episode: "Second Contact")

Tendi insists that not all Orions are pirates and thieves and she is not the kind of Orion woman who uses pheromones to enslave men, but she seeks the help of her cousin D’Onni, an art forger who resides in a thieves’ den and kisses her feet and calls her the Mistress of Winter Constellations when she acts aggressively towards him. (LD episode: "We’ll Always Have Tom Paris")

Later service[]

In 2411, Tendi and three other Cerritos crewmen were available as duty officers to Khitomer Alliance starships. (STO - Season 20: House Divided mission: "Free Lower Decks Duty Officers!")

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