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D'deridex was the male Romulan who served as Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire during the mid-2150s in the run-up to the Earth-Romulan War. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

Under Praetor D'deridex's administration, the Romulan Star Empire adopted a policy of covert destabilization and expansionism, seeking to control the government of the Confederacy of Vulcan through the use of a puppet government under Adminstrator V'Las (ENT episode: "Kir'Shara"), inciting war between the Andorian Empire and Tellar Prime (ENT episode: "Babel One"), and through the use of remote-hijacking technology on Coalition of Planets-allied ships. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

One of his chief advisors was the First Consul T'Leikha. (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)

D'deridex was becoming obsessed with the invasion of Haakona, so much so that most of the Senate were becoming disillusioned by his policies. Admiral Valdore and T'Leikha arranged for him to have a skimmer accident, in which D'deridex died. He was replaced by Karzan. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

The D'deridex-class warbird, which was in service by the 2360s, was named in honor of the late Praetor. (TNG episode: "Tin Man")


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