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A klingon d'k tahg, circa 2256.

A d'k tahg (tlhIngan Hol: Daqtagh) is a Klingon dagger used in combat. The weapon consists of a single straight blade and two smaller hinged blades at the handle. (TOS movie: The Search for Spock)

Sergeant Knorr attacks Saavik with a D'k tahg on the Genesis Planet.

D'k tahgs are composed of kar'kethet and urs'ga rakch, the latter being used to form the handle. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

The d'k tahg has great ceremonial value among the Klingon culture and bears an emblem of its owner's house. A d'k tagh is also used to settle arguments, via two Klingons engaging in combat. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior", GKN novel: A Good Day to Die)

Stealing another Klingon's d'k tahg is considered an insult to its owner's honor. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior")

After serving as Worf's cha'DIch in 2366, Jean-Luc Picard was presented with a d'k tahg, which he then kept sheathed and displayed in his quarters aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles) The following year, Jono used this d'k tahg to wound Picard. (TNG episode: "Suddenly Human")

Following the destruction of the Enterprise-D in 2371, Picard was able to rescue his d'k tahg and later displayed it in his ready room aboard the USS Enterprise-E. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)


Length: 50 centimeters

Mass: 1 kilogram

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