A d'mallu is a type of tree plant lifeform native to the Mountains of Gol on planet Vulcan.

They are a mass of rooted, carnivorous sucker vines capable of devouring a Vulcan or other prey. They have been encountered in the L-langon Mountains on Vulcan's Forge. (TAS episode & Log One novelization: Yesteryear)

The d'mallu had a bright green tint that was similar in color to oxygenated Vulcan blood. (TOS - The Lost Years novel: The Lost Years)


In 2237, one of these plants attacked seven-year-old Spock as he ran by at night, but he was able to free himself. (TAS episode & Log One novelization: Yesteryear)

The vines were unnamed in the episode, but given a name by Alan Dean Foster in his novelization.



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