D'navassa, also known as the Great Beginning, was an aspect of Romulan culture.

This part of Romulan life was associated with the birth of a newborn which was a solemn occasion that was shared by the family and their gods. The ceremony was not performed until several hours after the child was born. The birth normally occured at home with the help of a mid wife with the mother and anyone involved being able to see the child in the first few hours. At this point, the child was given a thorough physical examination in order to find any obvious defects. Should there be any problems during the examination, then the child was taken away where it was never seen again as it was put to death with the entire birth treated as it never happened.

Should the child be physically acceptable, they would be carried onto the family shrine where they were presented to the family gods and the family themselves. The child was normally completed swaddled in dark red robes whereupon they were presented to the family gods by the mother who was expected to be active several hours after the childbirth. Once this was done, the child was presented to the family with the father being the last one to see the newborn who in turn presents the child to the gods once more whereupon he bestowed a name on his offspring. (TOS module: The Romulan Way: Game Operations Manual)

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