D'vin Loctrill was an Andorian chan or thaan. He was a civilian scientist, geneticist, and noted xenozoologist in the 23rd century.


Loctrill was born in 2224. During his lifetime, while gaining professional-level skills in the fields of physical chemistry and computer operations, he earned a Ph.D. in zoology, becoming practically an acknowledged leader in his field. He was known to be an obstinate and singularly focused researcher. Despite his notedly poor interpersonal skills, he rose to became a member of the Federation Science Council. He was demonstrably unskilled in personal combat but proud of his heritage, keeping a small display of models of ceremonial Andorian weapons in his quarters.

He joined Genetic Research Station 17 on Aleph III as its chief researcher, directing staff zoologist Carver Destry, associate zoologist R'val Trastan, and junior zoologist Daniel Lane. The team studied unusual animal lifeforms on the surface, in particular a type of tribble with razor-sharp fur, hummers, and dervishes. His team discovered a natural stimulant in a species of fearlessly aggressive red dervish that could benefit combat troops. Loctrill and his team used genetic engineering to create a more passive blue dervish that produced more concentrated doses of the stimulant.

In 2270, the Federation chose to close his station. Loctrill was markedly angered by the decision, and slowed the process of packing up equipment for transfer by the USS Enterprise. However, he was obligated to help defend his zoology and genetics laboratories against a siege by Klingon forces under the command of Captain Koloth, who was assigned to steal the blue dervishes and samples of the stimulant. (FASA - Adventure Book module: Again, Troublesome Tribbles)



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