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D. Hideaki Chang was a Human male member of the Military Assault Command Organization detachment assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) at start of the Xindi mission.


Prior to the Xindi mission, Chang was a veteran of military engagements ranging from the Martian Freehold Uprisings, defending Jupiter Station, and pirate battles during the Janus Pirate War.

Chang also participated in the Battle of Blagee, in which a host of anti-human extremists on Blagee III began attacking several human mining settlements. The government of Blagee III refused to attack the terrorists themselves for religious reasons, but allowed four companys of MACOs to come in and take out the terrorists.

On the Xindi mission, Chang shared quarters with Ensign Travis Mayweather. Early in the mission, Chang lead an extra-vehicular mission that destroyed a Xindi fuel station and mining depot in a nebula near the Kaletoo system. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)

He would continue aboard the Enterprise and would land on Rigel X with Captain Jonathan Archer and Thy'lek Shran in 2155. (ENT novel: The Good That Men Do)



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