The Defense Directorate Vessel T'Jal was a Vulcan Sh'Raan-class combat cruiser starship in service to the Defense Directorate of the Confederacy of Vulcan. In 2155, the T'Jal was captured by the Romulans. (ENT novels: Kobayashi Maru, Beneath the Raptor's Wing)


When the Romulans used their arrenhe'hwiua telecapture system to fake a Vulcan attack on the major Human colony of Alpha Centauri on July 22, 2155, the DDV T'Jal was one of two Sh'Raan-class combat cruisers sent to destroy the captured Vulcan ships. The T'Jal and its sister ship, the DDV Toth, destroyed the pair of captured D'Kyr-class combat cruisers engaging a Coalition of Planets convoy but did not render aid to the crippled United Earth starship Columbia NX-02, and subsequently departed the system. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

The Romulan-crewed Klingon D5-class battlecruiser IKS Mup'chIch used its telecapture device on the T'Jal and the Toth. Captain L'Vor engaged the self destruct and destroyed the Toth before it could be hijacked. Captain Vanik attempted the same but the T'Jal was captured.

The Romulan Star Navy placed the T'Jal in a secret avaihh lli vastam (warp seven) shipbuilding facility at Achernar, the Aeihk'aeleir Shipyard/Atlai'fehill Stelai complex. On March 14, 2156, operatives of the Vulcan V'Shar intelligence service infiltrated the facility and attempted to escape on the T'Jal from the station after they rigged it to explode. Their intent was to remove a valuable piece of the Vulcan's advanced technology from the Romulans.

Unfortunately, the T'Jal and the Romulan Navy's warp-seven prototype were captured by the Ejhoi Ormiin radicals, and their leader, Ch'uiv, took command of the ship. He spared the V'Shar operatives, instead delivering them to Achernar II with faked memories, making them believe they successfully destroyed the Romulan assets. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

While Ch'uiv was later captured by the Imperial Navy, the fate of the T'Jal remained a mystery to the Coalition. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)




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