Dack was a Tendaran man, a criminal serving a life sentence on Tendar IV.


Prior to 2265, Dack was arrested for an unknown crime and was incarcerated for life in the capital city prison on Tendar IV.

In 2265, as part of his work assignments, Dack oriented new inmates to prison life. He brought prison uniforms for new prisoners James T. Kirk, Spock and Gary Mitchell, who had been lured to the planet and arrested. But Kirk would not comply with any part of Dack's orientation. Guards which had accompanied Dack brought Kirk to Cote, who was in charge of the prison, while Spock was beat up.

After the Starfleet officers were returned to their prison cell, Kirk told the guards that Spock was dying because his physiology was different and couldn't take that sort of punishment. When Dack and the guards came in to inspect the Vulcan, Kirk and Mitchell captured the two guards. They offered Dack a chance to come with them, but he said he didn't believe there was anywhere that he could go, so he stayed locked in the cell with two guards.



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