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The Dactylus-class was a type of bioship used by Species 8472, classified as frigates.

History and specifications[]

Ships of this type were first encountered by Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant by the crew of the Federation starship USS Voyager in the year 2374, during an opened conflict with the Borg Collective. (VOY episode: "Scorpion")

These vessels were commonly seen along with Nicor-class vessels. They possessed biopulse weapons that fired powerful energetic bolts that could be destructive to enemy ships. The frigates primary role was a supporting asset in the fleets as it combined the energy from eight battleships into an extremely powerful energy blast that was capable of destroying an entire planet. (ST video game: Armada II; VOY episode: "Scorpion")

By the early 25th century, frigates of this class carried 2 fluidic antiproton beam arrays and 2 bio-plasmic warheads as their armaments. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)



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