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Introduction (blurb)

Crippled by a freak accident, Enterprise has crossed over into an alternate universe -- and into the middle of a civil war set off by a brutal warlord who has used technology stolen from the Daedalus to enslave his people.

Forcibly removed from their ship, imprisoned and brutalized by their captors, Captain Archer and crew soon find themselves confronting an even more immediate challenge than escape -- subtle biochemical differences in this universe that make their continued survival an impossibility. Every hour they spend in this parallel continuum brings them closer to death.

Yet Archer discovers that in order to recapture Enterprise, he may have to cripple his ship once again. And even if he manages to find a solution to that dilemma, one last survivor of the doomed flight of the Daedalus stands between Enterprise and her safe return home....


Follow-up of the novel Daedalus, also by Dave Stern



Enterprise personnel

Jonathan ArcherCarstairsDuelDwightHessKowalskiKramerJohn LeeTravis MayweatherO'BannonDonna O'NeillPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedKatreen RileyRodriguezK.P. RyanSanchezHoshi SatoScottT'PolCharles Tucker IIIYamani
Referenced only

Daedalus crew

Al-BashirVictor BrodesserJ.G. CooneyMonique DuvallFitzgeraldWesterbergSteve Yee
Referenced only


BriattCovayElsonEn'hakarFaneFerik ReeveGastornisHavaKairnKedleeLakeLind UsdanMakandrosPerandaRoyceTomonTrant NeesaMaj Wooler
Referenced only
DirschEgilElla'jarenIshenqOavSadir Lyatt

Other characters

Leeman Sadir
Referenced only
Henry ArcherArthur C. ClarkeDuvallEdwin HubbleNatalieParnikeeElaine TuckerTuroGrant Wood

Starships and vehicles

Denari StingerEclipseEnterprise (NX-class) • HuleT'Pol (Suliban cell ship)
Referenced only
ConstellationDaedalusHarmony 2JaquandraMaximillianOTV type K42prison transportShadow


asteroid beltDenari (Kresh) • Denari system/Cole 128 system • Kota system (Kota Base) • Rava One
Referenced only
BurkheltColonna • Denari (CharestNew Irla) • Earth (Amazon basinSydneyWarp 5 Complex) Halo-1Halo-2Halo-3NegattaSaturnVox 4

Races and cultures

Referenced only
Human (Huantamos) • JantaleyseKlingonSulibanThlixianVissianXyrillian

States and organizations

Council of GeneralsDenari Expeditionary ForceDenari Miners GuildDenari PresidiumEarth StarfleetPlanetary Defense CommandUnited Earth
Referenced only
Daedalus ProjectDenari Expeditionary Force First BattalionNX ProgramPlanetary Defense BattalionSuliban Cabaltribe

Ranks and titles

actorambassadorarmory officerastronomerbrujeiracaptainchiefchief engineerchief of staffcolonelcommandercommunications officercrewmandictatordoctorengineerensignfirst officergeneralguildsmanhelmsmanlieutenantmarshaminerphysicianpirateprison guardprisonerprofessorscience officerscientistsecurity chiefsecurity officersoldiersubcommanderSumo wrestlertutorvice-marshalwitch doctor

Science and technology

adrenalineadvanced field theoryairlockalgorithmanaphylactic shockantimatterantimatter podautopilotblack holebloodbrainC-ketolincarrier signalcascading ion drivechemistrycloaking devicecomacometcommunicationscommunicatorcomputercomputer virusconcussioncoolantdiagnostic sensordilithiumEM distortionEMPenergizing coilexplosiveforcefieldfrequencygas giantgas maskgravitational fieldgravitic minegravityguidance systemHubble Constanthyposprayimpulse driveinertial damperinjectorinterface protocolintermix chamberintermix circuitryionion driveion fieldion stormKelvinlaser pistollife supportlight speedmegaparsecmemorymemory chipmooring clampsNegattan aquaflyernuclear warheadOort cloudoxygenpainkillerparallel universeParnikee's Theoremphase cannonphase pistolphoton chargeplasma exhaustpoison pillproteinquantum mechanicsquantum theoryradiationreaction chamberrefrigeratorS’ral's Theoremsatellitescannerself-destructsensorsensor ghostShi'Kahr Principlesshock rodsodium dipentothalspannerspectrogramstasis unitstereoisomersubspace beaconsubspace field nodeT'ronna Equationstasertesting probethermonuclear devicethrustertranquilizertransporterultravioletuniversal translatorvoltwarp drivewarp fieldwarp injectorwarp reactor

Other references

airsledAmerican Gothicbiscuitbody-surfingBroken Bow incidentburgercannoncargo baycheddarcheeseClarke's Third Lawcoffeecogenitorcotdecontamination chamberdelta formationdemocracydictionarydistress signalEnglish languageeyeglassesfishingforkfried chickenGreek languagegurneyholding cellhome movieice creaminfirmarykamikazeknifelobstermeditationmedkitmicropliersmirrorphotopincer formationpisarkopizzaporterhouse steakquartersRackham's back doorrain forestrationschoolscotchscrambled eggsThe Song of El CidsquashStarfleet uniformsteakstir-frysuicidesushitablespoontennis ballThe Three Musketeerstorturevegetable


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