The Daemosh class was a Na'kuhl starship class, a destroyer in service to the Na'kuhl civilization in the 28th century. Ships of this class were a match for vessels from the 25th and 29th centuries. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide")

History and specificationsEdit

In the year 2769, Na'kuhl delegates were present during the signing of the Temporal Accords at New Khitomer. When rogue Krenim Imperium forces interrupted the events, a fleet of Daemosh-class starships began attacking the New Khitomer. In a three-way dogfight against Krenim and Galactic Union forces, the Na'kuhl ships were destroyed. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Time and Tide")

Known vesselsEdit

Daemosh-class starships
Na'kuhl, General Vosk's faction (NV Retribution) • (NV Salvation) • unnamed Na'kuhl insignia
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Starship classes of the Na'kuhl
By name AcherosDaemoshKhaeropsTadaari Na'kuhl insignia
By type battlecruiserbattleshipdestroyerdreadnoughtfighterfrigateraiderscience vessel

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