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The Daemosh class was a 28th century Na'kuhl starship class, a destroyer and science vessel in Na'kuhl Fleet Command service between the 2760s[1] and 2880s[2] decades. (STO - Future Proof missions: "Time and Tide", "The Temporal Front")

History and specifications[]

Chronological events[]

The Na'kuhl were an isolationist and distrustful civilization, which escalated into seeking time travel to undo the murder of their star by the Tholian Assembly in 2410. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Stormbound")

By the 28th century, they were nevertheless members of the Galactic Union, and had developed timeships by the 2760s decade.

In the year 2769, Daemosh-class destroyers ferried Na'kuhl delegates to the Temporal Fleet Station above New Khitomer in the Gamma Quadrant, to attend the signing ceremony of the Temporal Accords. The Galactic Union sought to regulate time travel. The Na'kuhl delegates voiced their opposition to the treaty because it would make undoing the damage to their star illegal.

When the Temporal Liberation Front, led by "the Envoy"", interrupted the Master of Ceremonies Wixit and the proceedings, the Na'kuhl protesters escaped New Khitomer station while the TLF's Krenim forces took hostages. Returning to their destroyers, the Na'kuhl started attacking the TLF force and other Galactic Union combatants, including Federation Starfleet, the Temporal Integrity Commission, and downtime Khitomer Alliance. During this battle of the Temporal Cold War, the Galactic Union destroyed the Na'kuhl forces, and repelled the Krenim from the station and the planet's orbit. (STO - Future Proof mission: "The Temporal Front")

The Envoy, revealed to be the rogue Krenim scientist Noye, seized control of the Annorax-class science dreadnought prototype in 2410, and made the KIV Annorax his flagship. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Temporal Reckoning")

He recruited additional allies, including radical elements of Na'kuhl society, preempting further firefights between the TLF and Na'kuhl. Specialist Krog, second in command of General Vosk's faction, became the Na'kuhl spokesperson in the TLF. (STO - Legacy mission: "The Measure of Morality (Part 1)")

Soon after the sacking of New Khitomer, the TLF assaulted the Galactic Union and TIC defenders at the fleet station again. With the Annorax in the lead, Noye assembled his fleet of allies, including Daemosh-class destroyers. The fleet evaded the defenders, and travelled into the 26th century. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Temporal Reckoning")

The Na'kuhl system was abandoned some decades into the 29th century. In the 2880s, General Vosk requisitioned Fleet Command resources to have a temporal facility space station constructed near Na'kuhl Prime. Daemosh-class destroyers were reconfigured into temporal portal jumpers, to survive a journey into deep time. This included the NV Triumphant Path. In 2883, on stardate 560703.48, Vosk's faction began the move through the temporal portal. Alerted by changes to the timeline, the TIC arrived in the system and engaged the radicals. The portal jumpers were prevented from following the first batch of time travellers, and destroyed alongside the temporal facility. (STO - Future Proof mission: "The Temporal Front")

Warning: The following content contains spoilers!

In the 31st century, at some time after the prohibition on time travel and before the Burn[3] in 3069[4], the Daemosh-class destroyer NV Salvation emerged from a mission to the Battle of Procyon V in the 26th century after over-jumping. The Salvation was greeted by the Na'kuhl captain of the USS Janeway, Gubret, in a revitalised Na'kuhl system that had joined the Federation. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "No Profit But The Name")

Time-travelling destroyers[]

Vosk's faction deployed ships of this class, coordinated by Specialist Krog, to various events in the 23rd century. Federation Temporal Agency operative Timot Danlen recruited a local temporal agent to help contain the timeline alterations, and to confront the Daemosh ships. (STO video game: Agents of Yesterday)

The Lobi Crystal Consortium, a subsidiary of the Ferengi Quark Enterprises, Inc. corporation, captured ships of this class in 2410. They were then sold for Lobi crystals to commanding officers in the Khitomer Alliance at Drozana Station. The Alliance deployed these ships, including the NV Daemosh, as science vessels. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Spin the Wheel", STO website: Na'kuhl Lock Box Stats)

As members of the Temporal Liberation Front, Daemosh-class destroyers traveled to the Battle of Procyon V in the 26th century to support their Krenim and Sphere Builder allies against the Federation its temporal supporters. (STO - Future Proof missions: "Ragnarok", "The Battle of Procyon V")

The NV Salvation was one of the destroyers taking part in the battle, and ended up temporally stranded in the 31st century as a result of an escape maneuver gone wrong. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "No Profit But The Name")

Known vessels[]

Daemosh-class starships
Na'kuhl, General Vosk's faction (NV Retribution) • (NV Salvation) • unnamed Emblem of the Na'kuhl.
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Starship classes of the Na'kuhl
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