"Dagger of the Mind" was the 11th episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, the 10th episode of the show's first season, first aired on 3 November 1966. The episode was written by S. Bar-David, directed by Vincent McEveety and novelized in Star Trek 1 by James Blish.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Episode characters[edit | edit source]

Tristan AdamsBerkeleyEliFieldsJamesKarlJames T. KirkRyan LeslieLetheLeonard McCoyHelen NoelSpockNyota UhuraSimon Van GelderVinci (?) • unnamed Humansunnamed 2260s USS Enterprise personnel (USS Enterprise personnel)

Novelization characters[edit | edit source]

Tristan AdamsJames T. KirkLetheLeonard McCoyHelen NoelSpockNyota UhuraSimon Van Gelder

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Tantalus V (Tantalus system, the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants)
Referenced only 
Stockholm, Sweden (Earth)

Shipboard areas[edit | edit source]

USS Enterprise 
bridgetransporter roommedical labsickbay

Planetary locales[edit | edit source]

Tantalus V 
Tantalus colony

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]


Technology and weapons[edit | edit source]

communicatorintercomstarshipviewscreenmedical kitmedical tricordersensorstransportertricorderelectoencephalographlibrary computerneural neutralizerphaser pistol

Materials and substances[edit | edit source]


States and organizations[edit | edit source]

FederationStarfleetCentral Bureau of Penologynitrogen

Ranks and titles[edit | edit source]

assistantcaptainchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officercrewmandirectordoctorengineerFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)first officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderhelmsmanmedical practitionernavigatorofficerscientistscience officerweapons officertactical officermedical officer

Other references[edit | edit source]

anatomyarmbootclothingFederation membersfive-year missiongovernmenthumanoidlanguagelifeformlogicmattermemorynation-stateorbitpantsquadrantraces and culturesrankspacestarstardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2260s)technologytitletunicuniformuniverseweaponChristmascommunicatordelta rhythmdelta waveelectroencephalographneural neutralizerphaserradiologyschizophreniabrandyChristmasdelta wavepenal colonytranquilizing drug

Chronology[edit | edit source]

prior to 2266 
Kirk attends the Christmas party. (prior to episode/novelization)
stardate 2715.1, 2266 (2260s chronology, 2264–2270 Enterprise voyages
Enterprise travels to Tantalus.

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Tantalus surface. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

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