Dahna was a religious faith among Andorian civilization.

Adherents of this faith had a profound certainty of their own rightness with its beliefs centering on the concept that the natural universe was a pure and unpolluted place, but the actions of sentient beings had polluted it. This somewhat bizarre logic focused that the universe should had remained lifeless and that the stars should had burned in pristine glory with the planets untroubled by the arrogant destructive semifungal growth that was life.

Members of this belief held that the incursion and population of life through the universe was a horrible error. Some of the religious writings of the Dahna had early described the possibility of time travel in terms of evolving a missionary society with the purpose of going back to the dawn of time and life with the aim of wiping out the first cell in the primordial oceans, thus destroying all life including its own members as well. However, as they lacked time machines, the Dahnas goal was taking themselves far away from other cultures and life in order to live in the plainest way that was possible where they could enjoy life as little as they could and created nothing for creation was considered a blasphemy. They believed that creating items was a deadly tumorous tendency of life which sought to reproduce itself.

It was the dominant faith at the Third Submission Colony in 2371. (TNG novel: Intellivore)

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