Daki orGalya was a female Payav native to the nation-state of Gelta on planet Mestiko. She had been traveling abroad when the "the Pulse" hit the planet in 2265, striking Gelta directly and killing most of her fellow citizens, including her family and her betrothed.

In 2274, following the Mar-Atyya's revolution and the expulsion of the Federation from Mestiko, Daki rescued Dr. Marat Lon, who had elected to stay on the planet, from a mob who had recognized him as a "Dinpayav" despite his surgical enhancements. Daki helped Lon become more Payav, and the two eventually fell in love and married. Daki and Lon had a son sometime before 2279, and a daughter sometime before 2282. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again)

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