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Commander Dalen Quaice was a Starfleet physician who served on various planets and starbases during the 24th century. He had a wife named Patricia.


Doctor Quaice aboard the Enterprise.

He was a native of Kenda II who mentored Beverly Crusher when she had her internship on Delos IV and the two would become good friends. He was assigned to Starbase 133 in 2361.

Patricia died in 2367 and Quaice decided to retire and return to Kenda II. He was still in good spirits but was somewhat depressed with the prospect of living the rest of his life and having to say goodbye to lifelong friends. He was picked up by the USS Enterprise-D during a crew rotation and ferried home soon afterwards.

While Quaice was on board, a warp bubble experiment run by Wesley Crusher trapped Dr. Crusher in an alternate reality where everything and everyone began disappearing, with only Crusher noticing the changes. Quaice was the first to vanish in this reality. (TNG episode: "Remember Me")

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline in which Ira Graves had created the technology to transfer sentient minds into android bodies, Quaice had his mind transferred into a body based upon his youthful appearance. He served as chief medical officer of the Enterprise-D after Beverly Crusher transferred to Starfleet Medical. He served in that position until at least 2378. (TNG - Myriad Universes short story: "Brave New World")

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