Daley was a human male. He was a security officer who served in the Cephalic Security thought-police organization on the planet Rampart in the 24th century.

History[edit | edit source]

By 2366, he held the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to lead squads that captured dissidents and Dissenters.

In 2366, he was in charge of five security officers and two one-eye robots during their raid of the Dissenter cave base Alastor. He announced to the Dissenters that they were under arrest. During the ensuing resistance, Daley pursued Caliban through a thicket of life-sized statues, but Coyote dumped haguya guano on him and the one-eyes. Daley leaped atop Nikitushka Lomov, but the much larger and stronger Dissenter grabbed him by the collar, wedging his head and shoulders into a lyre held by a statue of Orpheus, where he was restrained and helpless. Other Dissenters fled, but Caliban was killed and Isis and Maui were captured during the raid.

After Major Ferris was killed, Daley replaced him as the right-hand man of the Director of Cephalic Security. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

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