The Damar class was a Cardassian starship type, a destroyer class in Cardassian Defense Force service in 2376. (ST video game: Armada mission: "A Call to Power")

The class may be named for the Cardassian revolutionary leader Corat Damar.


The Damar-class shared its spaceframe with the Galor-class but was smaller and had a crew complement of 80. Ships of the class were armed with a phaser arrays and the Breen energy dissipator, which when fired would drain the energy reserves of the targeted enemy ship, making them more vulnerable to attack. (ST video game: Armada mission: "A Call to Power")


In 2376, Admiral Sela operated from a Romulan starbase near Cardassian Union territory when the Cardassians traded with a Ferengi delegation for the sale of an omega particle. The CDF sent Galor- and Damar-class destroyers to prevent the Romulans from seizing the particle but were defeated after Sela bribed the Ferengi into accepting a ceasefire. (ST video game: Armada mission: "A Call to Power")

Known vesselsEdit

Damar-class destroyer starships
AntharnBelorBerakCrovaxDakolDesarkDraxonEntekGrevikKarmakKelakKelerasKezaranKevanakKornekMakbarPrekonPrellakRaxarekRejalTekenTeraxaTulkesVeridon CardassianUnion


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  • This class appeared as a non-playable menace in a limited number of maps in the game. They were the smaller counterpart to the Galor-class, though oddly were very similar in design to the Galor-class, while the game's Galor-class design bore a greater resemblance to the Keldon-class.
  • In the German edition of the game, these destroyers are referred to as Dumar class.
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