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Damiano is a Federation Member World. It is the homeworld of the Damiani, a three-sexed species characterized by horns that grow from their temples.


Damiano was a world of many cultures prior to the late 22nd century. However, Mar'na F'ullhy, also known as "Mar'na the Uniter," was able to cut through cultural barriers and bring the planet's disparate factions together. The Sword of Mar'na F'ullhy (said to have been used to cut those barriers) remained the sacred symbol of the office of the planetary governor for centuries to follow.

Sometime after unification, leadership of Damiano went to Pad'gy D'ullh, also known as "Pad'gy the Destroyer." He was known as one of the most brutal tyrants in Damiano history, notorious for the creation of the Chova, a telepathic weapon. He also built Mar'na Memorial Stadium in Iaron, the largest forum in the hemisphere, for bloody gladitorial competitions. Pad'gy was eventually overthrown by military forces led by General Te'ri O'ullhy.

Damiano joined the United Federation of Planets in 2341, the same year Es'sca G'ullho began its term as governor. In 2370, after serving six terms, Es'sca announced it would not run for office again. Es'sca was succeeded by Ra'ch B'ullhy, who took office in 2371, despite news that she had only one life-partner. Ra'ch was the target of several assassination attempts by an extremist minority, but served as both governor and Federation Councillor for several years to follow. (TNG comic: "Perchance to Dream")

In Perchance to Dream, it is stated that Governor B'ullhy "will be the first Damiani to serve on the Federation Council," despite the fact Damiano had joined the Federation thirty years earlier. It seems probable that Damiano was a protectorate of some kind, and not a full member, until 2371. The Star Trek: New Frontier short story "Oil and Water" indicates there is a sizable anti-Federation faction on Damiano as of 2368, which would seem to support the idea of a protracted admissions process.
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