Daniel Byrd was a Human male, born in the mid-24th century, who resided on Earth.

As a child, Byrd attended grammar school with B'Elanna Torres, where he would often point at her cranial ridges and tease her about her half-Klingon heritage, calling her "Miss Turtlehead". However, the teasing ended once Torres attacked Byrd while he was playing on a gyro-swing. (VOY episode: "Juggernaut")

Byrd later attended Starfleet Academy and became a classmate and close friend of Harry Kim. They both graduated from the Academy on stardate 47918, and were both considered for the role of operations officer aboard the USS Voyager by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Despite being equally qualified, Janeway decided to accept Harry Kim. (VOY episode: "Non Sequitur"; VOY novel: Echoes)

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In one reality encountered by Harry Kim in 2372, Byrd had been assigned to Voyager instead of himself, and was thus serving aboard when the ship was transported to the Delta Quadrant. (VOY episode: "Non Sequitur")

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