In the Kelvin timeline, Daniels was a Starfleet commodore serving in the 23rd century, the commanding officer of Starbase Frontier 17.


During his tenure in command of the station, Commodore Daniels worked closely with T'Mar and her father Surok to develop the Helios Machine for implementation on New Vulcan as a power source. In reality, the Commodore was actually more interested in its potential as a weapon.

When the Gorn attacked the station, the commodore ordered it to be abandoned. He left his men behind, physically throwing one off of the shuttlecraft Galileo as he was boarding. Subsequent personal logs revealed his capture by the Gorn, and his momentary lapse in confidence regarding his axtions. Kirk and Spock located him, restrained in an underground torture chamber, where he still firmly clung to his pride, believing he would be vindicated at a later date. He was shot to death soon after by the Gorn. (TOS video game: Star Trek)

Personality and traitsEdit

Commodore Daniels displayed an arrogant personality and had an antagonistic relationship with James T. Kirk—whom he felt only received command of the USS Enterprise because of his father's death. The Commodore displayed some traits of paranoia, ordering that all personnel to visit him be placed under security escort and all weapons be confiscated prior. He vehemently opposed Spock's suggestion to notify Starfleet of the station's attack, perhaps fearing it as a threat to his authority and a personal embarrassment. He later abandoned his personnel on the station when the Gorn invaded. Although he began to doubt his prideful actions while in captivity, he quickly backpedaled. (TOS video game: Star Trek)


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