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The continuing voyages of the Starship Excalibur!

Many years ago, a bizarre alien life-form known as the Black Mass consumed and destroyed an entire solar system in what was then the Thallonian Empire. Now the Black Mass has returned and its target is Tulaan IV, homeworld of the fearsome Redeemers. Faced with near-certain destruction the Overlord of the Redeemers is forced to turn to an unlikely ally: Captain Calhoun and the Starship Excalibur.

Busy coping with the return of his rebellious son, Calhoun is none too eager to come to the aid of his despotic enemy, but when innocent lives are threatened he has no choice but to confront the unstoppable Black Mass. But how can one starship turn back a force capable of consuming entire suns?



ArangoRonni BethBoyajianBurgoyne 172Mackenzie CalhounSedi CwanSi CwanHudsonJanosKalindaZak KebronMorgan LeflerRobin LeflerLylaMaxwellMark McHenryCraig MitchellKaterina MuellerOverlordSanfSelarElizabeth ShelbySoletaTaraTothPolly WatsonXyXyon of Calhoun
Referenced only 
BlaymoreCatrineFaicco the SmallIzzoEdward JellicoJames T. KirkMilenkoWilliam T. RikerSpockTorelliXantYatesZoran

Starships and vehicles[]

USS ExcaliburLyla
Referenced only 
USS Grissom


Beyond GateFennerMeditaRolisaSector 221-GTulaan systemTulaan IVTulaan V
Referenced only 
AtlantisHorsehead NebulaHunger ZoneKo'norr'k'areeM'Gewn sectorMontosNelkarStar 7734XenexZondar

Races and cultures[]

HermatHuman (Immortal) • RolisanRedeemerThallonianVulcanXenexian
Referenced only 
HortaKlingonOrganianTrill symbiont

States and organizations[]

FederationStarfleetThallonian Empire

Science and technology[]

black holecloaking devicecommon colddisruptorexographic targeting scannerfusion bombmultiversephaserphoton torpedoplasma cannonpregnancypulsarshieldsstructural integrity fieldtimeuniverse

Ranks and titles[]


Other references[]

Black MassbridgecakecandlegazellegoldfishgrozithangingjungleKrodplomik souppon farrPrime Directiveraktajinored alertRed Godsremorarocketballsickbayspace amoebasuicideTulaan V creatureyear



  • Calhoun admits to Shelby that he's still in love with her during this novel.
  • The destruction of the Excalibur is mentioned in this novel, but the exact circumstances causing it are not revealed until the Excalibur miniseries.


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