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The darsek (tlhIngan Hol: DarSeq[1]) was a standard monetary unit of exchange within the Klingon Empire.


Skalaar, a Tellarite bounty hunter, expected to be paid 9000 darseks for delivering Captain Jonathan Archer to the Klingon Captain Goroth in the year 2153. However, Goroth only paid him 6000. (ENT episode: "Bounty")

On planet Maranga IV in 2370, the price to see mummified head of Molor was 50 darseks. Alexander Rozhenko asked his father Worf for the money. (TNG episode: "Firstborn")

Darseks were also used in the mirror universe's version of the Klingon state. One darsek was worth 0.4 credits of the Terran Empire. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

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