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Darya Bat-Levi was a female Human born circa 2305. She was the twin sister of Joshua Bat-Levi.

Sometime prior to 2326, Bat-Levi theorized that vacuum energy could be harnessed from space and used to power warp drive vessels. Her brother built upon this theory and used it to build an experimental starship engine.

Bat-Levi attended Starfleet Academy, and while there, began a romantic relationship with a fellow cadet, Devlin Connolly. They both graduated in 2326, and had planned to take a brief leave together on Pacifica before Bat-Levi reported for her first assignment, the USS Wheedon. However, she instead traveled to Starbase 32, where Joshua had completed his drive, and installed it in a Starfleet shuttlecraft, dubbed Lion. The two worked together to prepare the vessel for a test run; tragically, the test was a failure, resulting in Joshua's death, and severely injuring Bat-Levi.

She was cared for at first on Starbase 32, where she was treated for theta radiation exposure, and fitted with mechanical prostheses to replace her lower spine, left arm, and both legs. The accident also left a permanent scar down the right side of her face, and caused a streak of her dark hair to grow in white. Following her medical treatment, she returned to her parents' home on Meir III to recuperate. Later, she spent time on Vulcan studying meditative healing techniques.

Bat-Levi continued to serve in Starfleet, at one point serving under a Captain Nash. She was well regarded as an officer, but considered troubled, even years later, by her loss. In the years following the accident, she repeatedly refused to have her prostheses upgraded, opting to keep her outdated limbs.

In 2336, she transferred to the USS Enterprise-C, under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett, as operations officer. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Well of Souls)

On stardate 16883.1, Bat-Levi was part of the first contact team to meet the Zaldan people, along with Commander Samir al-Halak and Doctor Jo Stern. Bat-Levi joked that the Tellarites would have been a better choice to contact the seemingly argumentative race. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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