Darzen Odan was a joined Trill, and a member of the Trill ruling council in the 21st century.

As the eighth (at least) joining for Odan, he tended to be politically conservative, stressing the need for long-term stability in Trill society. Although he was a senior member of the Trill ruling council due to his high number of previous lives, only one of those other hosts had been involved in politics. His political faction opposed "swift" change, defined as change occurring over two or less generations. He was personally dismissive of the rights of disenfranchised unjoined. For this reason, he opposed the campaign of Lela Dax, who ran on a platform promoting the voices of unjoined and first-host Trill.

These attitudes were relaxed somewhat following the crisis that arose when an unknown alien vessel (later learned to be the L'Dira) attacked the planet, killing over fifty. He volunteered to serve as Lela Dax's advocate when she faced treason charges for attempting to communicate with the L'Dira.

Darzen Odan was married, and had at least one daughter. He was a passionate gardener, and cultivated flowers on his property in Leran Manev. He was very short and wore his long hair loose around his face. He was very intelligent and had a caustic personality, using his wit to embarrass anyone who opposed him. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "First Steps")

Darzen Odan is undoubtedly intended to be one of the previous hosts of Ambassador Odan from TNG episode: "The Host".
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