Minister Dasana was a female trinae Tezwan who has served in the Assembly as a member of the Gatni party since at least 2371.

Dasana had served for eight years as foreign minister, but when Prime Minister Kinchawn began systematically moving trinae out of power, she was ousted from her position without explanation and given the position as minister of education - a move that she was extremely displeased with.

Dasana was among the first ministers summoned to meet with Bilok after Prime Minister Kinchawn effectively entered Tezwa into a war with the Klingons by using nadion-pulse cannons to destroy ships carrying 6,000 Klingon troops. Dasana was also present at the war council that Bilok called where it was decided that they would attempt to overthrow Kinchawn and his government.

As she was traveling with Neelo through the halls of the Assembly, Neelo was shot and killed by an assassin sent by General Minza on the orders of Kinchawn. Dasana then joined Bilok and the other surviving Gatni ministers in entering Kinchawn's then vacated office and surrendering to the Federation on behalf of Tezwa. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

In the month following Kinchawn's flight, Dasana was promoted to Minister of Justice, succeeding Urono. In that capacity, she came to the USS Enterprise-E in order to claim General Minza after he had been captured by Starfleet security forces. Minza was executed by the Tezwan government soon after. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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