Daskel Vabion was a male Vanotli who lived in the 22nd century.


Vabion was a very intelligent and practical businessman and a brilliant engineer on the planet Vanot, where he found Ware technology. He kept it secret, started his company Worldwide Automatics, sold it as his own inventions and became the richest and most influential man on the planet.

He supplied the Ware with people, and in return he gained access to their technology. While he released some "new inventions" to the market, he tried to rewrite the Ware base code to gain control of it.

In June 2165, he captured Lieutenant Commander Travis Mayweather and his team who was aided by a Vanotli ex-detective, Urwen Zeheri. They were trying to infiltrate one of his factories to learn more about his operations. Vabion put a shock collar on Zeheri to force Mayweather to comply, and they boarded the USS Zabathu in orbit. Once on the ship, Vabion ordered them to take him to the source of the Ware. He hoped that he would be able to take control of them there.

Halfway to the Ware hub complex, a Ware control ship intercepted the Zabathu and took everyone onboard prisoner. Vabion managed to ally himself with the two Pebru onboard who claimed to be the owners of the Ware, but after a short time he realized that the Pebru couldn't be the creators.

When the control ship and its fleet arrived at the hub complex to retake it from the Starfleet task force that captured it, Vabion tricked the Pebru to let him board the station. Once there, he helped the Federation engineering team access the Ware software once again in the hopes that they would be able to take control. Instead team leader Philip Collier used this chance to give Mayweather the means to shut down the Ware.

After the battle, Starfleet didn't imprison him or the Pebru, but kept them around as advisors because of their knowledge of Ware technology. They worked under close supervision, but Vabion was confident he would be able to gain control of the Ware once and for all. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

In a lot of ways he's similar to Henry Starling, C.E.O./ Founder of Chronowerx Industries.
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