David was a famous statue created by the Human artist, Michelangelo, in around 1504. The statue was considered to be one of the finest pieces of art from the Renaissance period on Earth, and depictes the biblical David at the moment he decides to face Goliath.

In January 1930, Edith Keeler used David as an example of what Humans could achieve, and suggested that if Humans could create such beautiful works, then surely they could help lift the poor and homeless of the streets of the world. (TOS novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In 2270, on the homeworld of the Thorvan League of Planets, Romulan Commander Di'on Charvon discovered a breathtaking piece of masterwork art which matched that of Earth's David, Vulcan's Young Surak and even Romulus's Atavar. (TOS novel: The Fate of the Phoenix)

The statue was still in existence in the late 24th century, because in 2370, Jean-Luc Picard compared the statue to Symnay's Tomb for its ability to inspire individuals. (TNG episode: "Birthright, Part I")

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