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David Ralph Deitrick is a comic book cover artist, an American illustrator who lives in Alaska. Deitrick's Star Trek artwork spans three decades.


In the 1980s, he produced a variety of covers and interior artwork for FASA's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game, beginning with the adventure module Denial of Destiny, which he painted in July 1983. [1] He also designed the bladeship USS Claymore that appeared on his cover to the Star Fleet Intelligence Manual. [2]

In 1994, he drew ten starships for the Galactic Encounters subset of the Star Trek - Master Series II trading card set by SkyBox, including the Klingon bird-of-prey and the K't'inga-class and Vor'cha-class battlecruisers. His favorite illustrations were for the Web Spinner-class and Romulan bird-of-prey. [3]

In 2009, for IDW Publishing he provided covers for each issue of their Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan adaptation; his covers were used as retail incentives for the series.

Outside of Star Trek, he is known for his work on Traveller and BattleTech.

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SkyBox trading card artist[]

  • Star Trek - Master Series II, Galactic Encounters subset (1994, SkyBox)

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