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David Glasgow Farragut (July 5, 1801 – August 14, 1870) was a human who lived on Earth during the 19th century. Farragut was the senior flag officer of the United States Navy during the American Civil War, having been the first who held the ranks of rear admiral, vice admiral, and full admiral.

Following his death in 1870, Farragut was buried at Woodlawn cemetery in New York City. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

Federation starships bearing the name USS Farragut have been christened in honor of Admiral Farragut's accomplishments.

In 2255 in the Kelvin timeline, there was a statue of Farragut in the courtyard of the main building of the Starfleet Academy campus. (TOS - Starfleet Academy novel: The Gemini Agent)

The DS9 novelization: ...Sacrifice of Angels features Farragut's quote "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" as a chapter introduction.

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