This character is a member of the Kirk family native to the mirror universe.
For the primary universe counterpart, see David Marcus.

In the mirror universe, David Marcus (born 2261) was a Terran scientist and the son of Carol Marcus and James T. Kirk. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire; TOS comic: "The Mirror Universe Saga")

Star Trek: Mirror Universe continuityEdit

Marcus' parentage was kept a guarded secret to avoid Kirk finding out about him. According to Spock, if Kirk had ever found out that David was his son, he would have killed both David and Carol.

In 2285, Carol recruited her son to assist her on the Memory Omega project. Together, they were the only two scientists on the project who knew the whole truth of it - that it was a secret stockpile of the scientific knowledge of the Terran Empire, to be preserved after its successor government, the Terran Republic, was conquered. David invented the quantum transceivers that made the project possible. For years, David lived with the other project workers, isolated inside the Genesis Cave of Regula I, which was orbited by the Regula One space station Starfleet had constructed in 2268 and abandoned in 2273 due to tensions in the Taurus Reach. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

The Mirror Universe Saga continuityEdit

DC1 13

David Marcus meets his father's counterpart from another universe

In an alternate continuity, Marcus led an underground resistance to overthrow the Terran Empire in the 2280s. Marlena Moreau was part of his group. When the Empire tried to invade the United Federation of Planets in the primary universe, Marcus' cell, along with members of the Federation USS Enterprise crew, freed some imprisoned scientists who helped them disable the invasion force. Marcus was able to capture many of the ships and emerged poised to overthrow the Empire. (TOS comic: "The Mirror Universe Saga")

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