Davonia was the innermost moon of the planet Davon III in the Davon system. Davonia had gravity about one third of that of Janus VI and was composed of cadium, carbonite, ferrous oxide, iron, latinum, nickel, pergium, phlaginum, quartz, rhodinium and uranium, many of which were valuable substances making it an ideal location for mining operations. Which is exactly what the Cardassians established when they gained control of the system in 2348. The moon also served as a prisoner of war camp for captured Bajoran Resistance fighters. The Bajorans were recorded as dead and doomed to live out their lives working as slaves, punch bags and objects of sexual abuse for the Cardassians.

In 2370 the moon held fifty Bajoran slaves and its defences consisted of a security satellite in orbit and bullet-probes in the space around the moon. In that year the Cardassian Gul Mavek kidnapped the Horta Ttan and brought her to the moon to locate valuable mineral deposits for him.

A team was dispatched from Deep Space 9 to rescue Ttan and in the process discovered the Bajorans and liberated them too. In the course of their escape Ttan dug a tunnel into the moon's docking bay so that the group might steal a Cardassian ship to get away, when the team took down the shield holding the docking bay's atmosphere the atmosphere of the entire base escaped through the Horta's tunnel, killing all the Cardassian personnel. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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