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Jadzia is put on trial for a murder in which Curzon Dax was implicated as the perpetrator.

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Dax has just finished dinner with Bashir when several Klaestron individuals incapacitate her and take her aboard their vessel. The Deep Space 9 crew stop the kidnap attempt.

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AltmanJulian BashirGraham DavisJadzia DaxEls RenoraJonesKallis VenKira NerysMornOdoSelin PeersQuarkBenjamin SiskoOrren RanEnina TandroIlon TandroYevir Linjarin
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DaxCurzon DaxKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienArdelon Tandro

Starships[edit | edit source]

Klaestron starship

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Deep Space 9 (docking ringhabitat ringoperations centerPromenadeQuark'sreplimatstation commander's office) • Klaestron IV
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Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
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Bajoran Provisional Government

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2330sairlockarbiterastrophysicsblood typebrainbrainwavecadderon force fieldcombadgedeath penaltydocking portdocking pylonelectroplasmaexoarchaeologyexobiologyextraditionforce fieldgraviton generatorholosuiteraktajinorunaboutsubspacetractor beamturboliftwarp drivezoology

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