The Daxxtarian cruiser was a type of starship utilized by the Daxxtarians in the early 25th century. The cruiser was formidably armed and a match for Orion starships. (STO - Wasteland mission: "The Undying")


In 2409, a Daxxtarian cruiser was among the pirate ships operating in the Nimbosian system. When the Orion Syndicate was flushed out from Nimbus III, it turned against the other pirates and started attacking them. The Daxxtarian cruiser survived the Orion assault but was damaged. When the ship received aid from an Allied vessel, the Daxxtarian captain joined its effort to fight back the Orions. The ad-hoc fleet of pirates defeated the Syndicate ships and Hassan the Undying's Warbarge-class dreadnought. (STO - Wasteland mission: "The Undying")

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