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For other uses, see Day of Honor.

The Day of Honor, known in Klingon as Batlh jaj, was a time of celebration and ritual for the Klingon people. It is customary to serve Rokeg blood pie during this time.

This Klingon holiday is a time when the warrior must reflect on their life and judge whether the actions they have taken are honorable or not. The warrior must also respect the honor of both friends and enemies which essentially means everyone, regardless of race, are treated as Klingons. This allows anyone to participate in Suv'batleth. (VOY episode: "Day of Honor")

The tradition began in commemoration of an alliance between Captain James Kirk and Commander Kor when the two joined forces to defend a Klingon colony planet from the invading Narr, who had a past claim to the planet that had not been enforced for several centuries. This conflict concluded with Kirk arranging a compromise between the Klingons and the Narr, but the experience led to Kor's forces recognising that the humans had honor despite being officially the Klingons' enemies.

It is said that a Klingon warrior must make an alliance with a hated enemy during the trial. (DS9 comic: "Day of Honor")

The holiday also falls on 5 April, the same date as the Federation's First Contact Day and the Romulan Republic's Republic Day.


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