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Dayton Ward broke into professional writing by placing short stories in each of the first three Strange New Worlds contests. He has written numerous Star Trek stories and novels since then, both on his own and with writing partner Kevin Dilmore.

Ward is one of several authors who have produced annotations for their published works.

Star Trek Bibliography

Title series format published notes cover
Reflections TOS short story 1998 printed in Strange New Worlds I SNW.jpg
Almost... But Not Quite VOY short story 1999 printed in Strange New Worlds II SNWII.jpg
The Aliens Are Coming! TOS short story 2000 printed in Strange New Worlds III SNWIII.jpg
Interphase, Parts One & Two SCE ebook 2001 with Kevin Dilmore SCE4.jpg
In the Name of Honor TOS novel 2002 ITNoH.jpg
Foundations SCE ebook omnibus 2002 with Kevin Dilmore Foundations.jpg
Loose Ends NF short story 2003 printed in No Limits NoLimits.jpg
Home Fires SCE ebook 2003 with Kevin Dilmore SCE25.jpg
A Time to Sow TNG novel 2004 with Kevin Dilmore Att3.jpg
A Time to Harvest TNG novel 2004 with Kevin Dilmore ATTHarvest.jpg
Field Expediency SCE short story 2004 printed in Tales of the Dominion War, with Kevin Dilmore Tales of the Dominion War.jpg
Grand Designs SCE ebook 2004 with Kevin Dilmore SNWII.jpg
Where Time Stands Still SCE ebook 2004 with Kevin Dilmore SCE44.jpg
Distant Early Warning SCE ebook 2006 with Kevin Dilmore Distant Early Warning.jpg
Summon the Thunder VAN novel 2006 with Kevin Dilmore SummonTheThunder.jpg
First, Do No Harm TOS short story 2006 printed in Constellations, with Kevin Dilmore Constellations.jpg
Things Fall Apart TOS ebook novella 2006 reprinted in Mere Anarchy, with Kevin Dilmore Mere Anarchy1 titles.jpg
Turn the Page SCE ebook novella 2006 with Kevin Dilmore Turn the Page cover.jpg
Age of the Empress ENT MU novel 2007 printed in Glass Empires, with Mike Sussman and Kevin Dilmore Mirror1.jpg
Acts of Compassion TNG short story 2007 printed in The Sky's the Limit, with Kevin Dilmore The Sky's the Limit.jpg
Ill Winds TOS MU novella 2009 printed in Shards and Shadows, with Kevin Dilmore Shards and Shadows.jpg
Open Secrets VAN novel 2009 Vanopensecrets.jpg
Pride: The First Peer TOS novella 2010 printed in Seven Deadly Sins, with Kevin Dilmore Seven Deadly Sins.jpg
Paths of Disharmony Typhon Pact novel 2011 Paths of Disharmony.jpg
Almost Tomorrow VAN novella 2011 printed in Declassified Declassified.jpg
What Judgments Come VAN novel 2011 with Kevin Dilmore What Judgements Come cover 1.jpg
That Which Divides TOS novel 2012 That Which Divides cover.jpg
In Tempest's Wake TOS VAN ebook novella 2012 In Tempest's Wake cover.jpg
From History's Shadow TOS novel 2013 From History's Shadow cover.jpg
Peaceable Kingdoms The Fall novel 2013 Peaceable Kingdoms.jpg
Point of Divergence Seekers novel 2014 with Kevin Dilmore Seekers2.jpg
Armageddon's Arrow TNG novel 2015 Armageddon's Arrow.jpg
All That's Left Seekers novel 2015 with Kevin Dilmore Seekers4.jpg
Elusive Salvation TOS novel 2016 Elusive Salvation cover.jpg
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Vulcan ST reference work 2016 Hidden Universe Travel Guide Vulcan.jpg
Legacies: Purgatory's Key TOS novel 2016 with Kevin Dilmore TOS Legacies Purgatory's Key.jpg
The Menace of the Mechanitrons TOS comic 2016 printed in Waypoint, Issue 2, with Kevin Dilmore ST Waypoint 2.jpg
Headlong Flight TNG novel 2017 Headlong Flight.jpg
Hearts and Minds TNG novel 2017 Hearts and Minds.jpg
Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Qo'noS and the Klingon Empire ST reference work 2017 Hidden Universe Travel Guide Klingon Empire.jpg
Available Light TNG novel 2019 Available Light.jpg
Kirk Fu Manual TOS reference work 2020
Agents of Influence TOS novel 2020 Agents of Influence cover.jpg
Coda: Moments Asunder ST novel 2021 MomentsAsunder.jpg


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