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Tobin Dax and Skon of Vulcan have to save a human ship and the prototype transporter from Romulans.

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Tobin DaxBurgwinHeyesJarmanMira LaasaKatie LoMonseesSkonWilliamsunnamed Romulans
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Lela DaxWild Bill HickokSolkar

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escape podHeisenberg

Locations[edit | edit source]

Alpha CentauriEarthMarsTrillVulcan

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Cochrane Institute of Alpha CentauriSymbiosis Evaluation BoardSymbiosis Institute

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99 Great Card Tricks You Can Learn in Your Spare Timeairlockantimatterartificial gravitybombbridgecargo holdchronometercomputer core • "Dead Man's Hand" • deckdeflectordisruptorEarth-Romulan WarengineeringEVA suitgamma shifthullintermix chamberJefferies tubepaddpattern bufferplaying cardpokerrebreatherrunning lightscannersolar windthrustertransporterwarp corewarp drivewarp nacelle

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  • Jeffrey Lang commented "We all often talk about how the Trek universe is such a positive view of the future, but we also all know that this imagined future has its roots in the very real present. How did this world - our world - become that world? It didn't all start out being bright and shiny. There had to be some grungy, unpleasant moments in there where ideas and attitudes were tested and tempered". (Star Trek: Communicator, issue #126, p. 60)
  • Internal references set this story during the Earth-Romulan War. Star Trek: Enterprise (and in particular the episode "Daedalus") contradict this timeframe. The Enterprise Romulan War novels feature both Tobin Dax and Skon based on "Dead Man's Hand", ignoring the contradiction.

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