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Introduction (blurb)


Worf, his brother Kurn and Riker try to quell the rebellion led by Shadowheart on the planet Nothria. Intercepted by Klingon security forces, their only hope to keep the mission secret is to escape into the planet's deadly jungles.

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Log entries

Personal Log, Lieutenant Worf
For the sake of both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, I must take part in a covert mission that can only bring disgrace to my adoptive parents. We believed that their son-- my human brohter, Nikolai, whom I have not seen in eleven years-- had been killed in a raid on the planet Lisarion. However, Admiral Quinn has informed me that Nikolai is not dead at all, but the leader of a rebellion on the Klingon frontier planet, Nothra. Incredibly, he is the notorious outlaw Shadowheart. How could someone as haphazard and impulsive as Nikolai become the leader of a band of rebels? Admiral Quinn believes that my brother is seeking revenge for the raid on Lisarion. But is there more to this than the Admiral is saying? Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Council, demands that Shadowheart be stopped at any cost... If he is, indeed a human. After all, knowledge of human treachery would only give fuel to the Romulan sympathizers within the Empire.



B'EtorIbtocKurnLimadhLursaJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerAlexander RozhenkoHelena RozhenkoNikolai RozhenkoSergey RozhenkoDeanna TroiWorf
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Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


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Klingon Empire

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bloodpiedisruptordisruptor riflefield-attenuatorplanetrebellion


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