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Publisher's description

The disappearance of Andorian scientific genius Muav Haslev fuels tension between the Orions and the Andorians - tensions that come dangerously close to full scale war. Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise are called to Starbase Sigma 1, located on the edge of Andorian-Orion space, to patrol the sector as a deterrent to hostilities.
On arrival, the crew encounters an inexplicable series of events, beginning with missing equipment and shipboard malfunctions. After a deadly transporter accident, Kirk suspects sabotage - suspicions that are confirmed by the mysterious murder of three Federation officials. Now, Kirk and crew must put together the fragmented pieces of the puzzle, before the Starship Enterprise faces destruction and the galaxy faces interplanetary war.


After a stopover at Space Station Sigma One, the USS Enterprise is deployed to the Orion-Andorian border in order to prevent hostilities from breaking out over the defection of Muav Haslev. On this mission, the Enterprise's crew is joined by a team of Federation efficiency auditors bent on making the ship's operation more "efficient" by enforcing regulations to the letter.

As the Enterprise travels to the border, a series of murders and incidents take place on the ship, forcing Pavel Chekov to investigate them. Over the course of the investigation, Chekov discovers that there is an Orion spy aboard the Enterprise searching for Muav Haslev, who has also snuck aboard the ship.

As these discoveries are made, the Enterprise is also forced to deal with Orion ships that are attempting to recapture Haslev. Eventually, the Enterprise is forced to engage the Orions in combat, but is aided by the ATS Shras, an Andorian Reserve Fleet ship. This battle results in the destruction of one Orion ship and the retreat of the other and Haslev is then turned over to the Andorians, allowing the Enterprise to continue on its way.



BarrassoBhuttoBrahmsonChaikenPavel ChekovDavidsonRoberta GendronGoldsteinMuav HaslevHowardHrdinaJagrJohnPov KaninAaron KellyJames T. KirkLemieuxLeonard McCoyMullenOndarkenPaekMaxwell PetersenLindsey PurvianceRecchiSamuelssonMontgomery ScottShandakenSpockDennis SweeneyHikaru SuluTateJohn TaylorNyota Uhura
Referenced only
Robert CecilCoffeyChristopher DaileyConstance DuerringRobinsonDavid SteinTocchetTrottier

Starships and vehicles

BraheClarkeUSS EnterpriseUSS ExeterHawkingKahoutekUSS KongoMecufiATS ShrasUmyfymu (T-class)


Beta Herculanibridgehangar baysickbaySpace Station Sigma One
Referenced only
AndorCanopis sectorDenebOrion nebulaPerseusProcyonRigel VIIISpica

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Andorian Reserve FleetStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Starfleet Academy

Science and technology

antimatterbloodbonecommunicatordistress beaconfood processorgashairimpulse driveintruder alertliquid nitrogenlungmeterneutron radiationnitrogenphaserphoton torpedoradiationribsensorshieldsstarsweattimetorpedotractor beamtrans-shield anodetransparent aluminumtransportertricorderturboliftviewscreenwarp corewarp drivewarp nacellewarp trail

Ranks and titles

admiralAuditor Generalcaptainchief engineerchief of securitycommandercommodorecriminalefficiency auditorengineerensignfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commanderofficerphysicistscientistsecurity chief

Other references

Arcturian yogabrandybreadElysian cloud-applehaggishailHalkan fire-liliesHalkan water chameleonHaslev incidenthullIotian crystalmammalmedallionmilitarymoneymousered alertRussian rouletteself-destructshrapneltechnologyweaponyellow alert



  • Based on the book's publication date, it appears the author referenced the Pittsburgh Penguins of the era when creating security characters; referencing players such as Lemieux, Barrasso, Jagr, Recchi, and others.


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