Yeoman Deb Colotti was a female Human Starfleet crewmember serving aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s. Colotti was among the administrative personnel in the ship's command division.

History Edit

In 2269, while daydreaming of shore leave, Colotti accidentally added chocolate raisin pie to the galley menu 220 times. Not only did Captain James T. Kirk not like chocolate raisin pie, but she was chewed out when the mistake was caught by her section chief, Lieutenant Davis. She had been dreaming about being Julius Caesar as he prepared to send three Roman Legions from the Roman Empire into a battle for total control of Europe.

During shore leave, she inadvertently walked into the fantasy of a crewman, becoming the object of his dreams. Awkwardly, they lived in neighboring quarters and the incident became common knowledge. (TAS - Log Three novelization: Once Upon a Planet)




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