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DC's first original Star Trek graphic novel.

Introduction (blurb)

Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves teamed with the Klingons and Romulans to fight a galactic threat that no government dares admit exists...

A stunning 96-page adventure, celebrating Star Trek's ongoing legacy by top talents in the comics business today.


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AkankeDave BaileyEmma BullChristine ChapelPavel ChekovArthur ChenowythChip DelaneyJamie FinneyFleischerTom GarrovickGeorgeBarry GiottoAlexander Dylan Glideman-AdlerGracieHarpoKhadriKhalorLars HoëlHrothJames T. KirkKorJohn KyleLeonard McCoyMcIntyreSal McMurphyDiane MorwoodHeihachiro NoguraCarolyn PalamasElizabeth PalmerJanice RandRascheKevin T. RileyMira RomaineSaavikMontgomery ScottShetterlySpockJohn StilesHikaru SuluGillian TaylorT'CelT'KirSara TuchinskyNyota UhuraWetherell
Referenced only
BalokRichard DaystromMatthew DeckerDevilBenjamin FinneyJ.M. FordStephen GarrovickAmanda GraysonKrugeDavid MarcusPeter PrestonRoger RamjetKhan Noonien SinghV'Ger

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-A (Constitution-class, refit) • USS Farragut (Constitution-class) • ChR Phoenix (Romulan Bird-of-prey) • Planet KillerIKS Revenge (K't'inga-class) • D7/Stormbird-classAssault shuttle“Critters” starshipDreadnought classClass F shuttlecraftRoverschoonerType-4 shuttlecraft
Referenced only


Earth (South Pacific, Starfleet Command, San Francisco) • Earth SpacedockMilky Way GalaxyLunaLunar Holding Station Uniformnear System L-374Romulan Neutral ZoneWatchtower 13
Referenced only
Memory Alpha

Races and cultures

Referenced only
dikironium cloud creatureFirst FederationGornHortaOrganian

States and organizations

Klingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
First FederationGornVulcan Science Academy

Science and technology

artificial gravitycloaking deviceDeBroglie turbulencedockyardDreadnought cannondroneescape podJeffries tubenanosecondprimary hullProject Genesissaucer separationsecondary hullsensor bay deltaspace buoystasis tubesubspace communicationtransponderturboliftuniversal translatorzero gravity

Other references

audio cassettebattle stationsBermuda TriangleBoy ScoutscannonCaptain DunselCats LaughingChateau Picardcorbomitecoffeecourt-martialdiscommendationdogdolphinduty rosterevent horizonfiber-optic cablegovernmenthoming beaconhonorhumpback whalekatramint julepstarbasesupernovaSword of Damoclesthree-dimensional chessTrojan horsevaudevillevideo cassetteWatchtowerworship


stardate 8719.3–8730.6, 2286 (2280s chronology, Enterprise-A voyages)
Enterprise intercept mission.


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Adm. Nogura's sleeve stripes.



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First Star Trek comic
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Chris Claremont
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Cry Vengeance
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Scotty's Song
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chapters 4–16
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What's Past Is Prologue
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The First Artifact
First Interlude
Flashback: Pages 38-44
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Wolf in the Fold
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Flashback: Pages 38-44
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Ex Machina
Prologue, Chapters 1-17 & 19

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