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When a Vulcan space probe reports that the Ferengi are advancing the people of the planet Megara from a primitive agricultural state to a sophisticated technological society, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Starship Enterprise are ordered to transport an unlikely passenger to the system, a ruthless twentieth-century businessman who is now a Federation ambassador.
The Ferengi have been changing Megaran culture, turning a hard working and honorable people into vicious xenophobic killers. But the Ferengi are only hired hands. They have hidden masters, with plans to use the Megaran people as a powerful weapon against the Federation.
Now Picard must find a way to use the talents of this new ambassador to free the Megarans. But the ambassador is hiding a deadly secret of his own — a secret that could unleash an unstoppable destructive force on the Federation.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Kardel AnitBrozBwolstChudakWesley CrusherDataDe ShayDurokGakorGatynGlupetHrakinMolokanAnna NovotnyRalph OffenhouseOdovil PardiPar'mit'konJean-Luc PicardAlexander RozhenkoShrevSinghSomekTaygarDeanna TroiUbinewVerdenWorfZhen
Referenced only 
Marcus AureliusNapoléon BonaparteCiceroGarth of IzarPhillip GreenJames T. KirkKlartenPeter Linde OffenhouseChristopher PikeTheodore RooseveltKhan Noonien SinghHikaru SuluSumashTebok

Locations[edit | edit source]

329 AurigaeMegaraMetari LeegPerseus sectorStarbase 144Weber 512
Referenced only 
ChadJapanRussiaStarbase 718Yemen

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

FMS Dividend (D'Kora-class) • USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • CDS Fatal Arrow (Liburnian-class)
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

Referenced only 

States and organizations[edit | edit source]

StarfleetUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Academy of Science
Referenced only 
Great KhanateHive Zss'zhz

Science and classification[edit | edit source]

alienantennaantigrav bootanti-intoxicantblack eyebrainClass J gas giantcryonic suspensioneggholodecklampmutantneutrinoprobesleepwalkerspacetime

Ranks and titles[edit | edit source]

admiraladvisorambassadorbusinessmancaptaindevelopmental analystensignofficer

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Battle of the Sea of JapanCardassian Warcity hivecoppercubbyholedaggerDixon HilleconomyEugenics WarsfactorygaghgarbatgrassinsectironKlingoneseknifeMissing Link 3: Vacation in ArmageddonplanetpocketpopcornPrime Directiveprune juiceRambo VsectorsheathShrev Program 1soccersoccer balltaHgegtechnologyuniformweaponyear

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  • Ralph Offenhouse first appeared in "The Neutral Zone".
  • The Ferengi home world is called "Ferengal" in this novel, from detail given in The Worlds of the Federation, and is characterized as having a thin atmosphere (explaining the large Ferengi ear). Later canon would verify the name "Ferenginar," and a climate of heavy rain and swampy land conditions.

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