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A Starfleet crew must decide how to deal with an unstable captain who orders them to blockade a newly-formed government along the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone border.


The warble of phaser fire filled the empty corridors. Through the heavy smoke figures moved, closer now, almost within range. Lieutenant O'Shanter crouched lower behind a blasted bulkhead.
"Funny… I don't feel like a mutineer."
The gauge on his phaser showed the charge was almost gone. Maybe there was still time… if only he could talk with them, reason with them…
From behind him came a low throaty growl—a sound no Human voice could ever make. Turning slowly, Tam found himself face to face with the pale yellow eyes of Commander Brr'ynn. The Caitian's weapon never wavered as she licked her lips in anticipation.
"You tried to kill my captain…"
For Tam, time had just run out.



Player characters

Houston ChandlerUrsula CromwellBartholm DynessMartin De LaFleurJanissa GrenadineTimothy O'Shanter

Non-player characters

Ian Trimarak VellacoraBrr'ynnMichael Spencer PaineO. AdamsAlbersS. AllisonD. AlterS. ArnonW. BallardT. BartonB. BatesR. BrightonB. BrixtonCandarT. CarmanV. CarnonP. CarterM. ChambersR. DanielsR. DantonDronnA. EllisonM. EllisonL. EvansV. EvansF. FellowsFlaminianaS. FlindersT. ForiniC. FowlerFrearaS. FreemanGallarE. GatesD. HannaR. HardiganC. HaromyL. HoganX. HorinKagga sutai-FormoraxKanara zantai-JurissKassax vestai-RinnKetar sutai-MivolossB. LandarsV. LarsonV. LeeR. LoganC. LorinR. MajorsB. MartinC. MastersP. MatthwsB. MaximT. MillerD. MitchellT. MooreP. O'HarraR. OttersH. PalomarW. PattersnA. PetersC. RavenY. RichardsT. RobinsonE. SantaraE. SimmonsE. SondermanS. StewartJ. TamaraM. TarackV. ThamesThantoraThantosThelossThoramJ. TompsonSelene TrikakaM. WallaceI. WaltersC. WellsJ. WhiramE. WintersJ. Wintorm
Referenced only
Garth of IzarWilliam Bligh

Starships and vehicles

USS Arkadelphia (Loknar-class frigate) • Olympia (Pulsar-class warp shuttle) • ACS Defiant (Asparaxian Navy K5B-class class II gunboat) • OML Talon (Orion Merchant League Lightning-class class IV blockade runner)
Klingon D18B-class (class IX destroyer)
IKV Dark HandIKV MarauderIKV Plunder


Institutions and shipboard locations

Starfleet Academybridgequartersmess hall

Planets and planetoids

Planet IzarPlanet AsparaxAlanaraTortugaNew Bishop

Stars and star systems

IzarSegurAsparax systemAlazarVarrina

Stellar regions

the galaxyOrganian Neutral ZoneThe Triangle

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Asparax ConfederationKlingon EmpireStarfleetStarfleet Galaxy Exploration CommandStarfleet Military Operations CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Klingon lines


Weapons and technology

minephaserstarshipwarp drive

Ranks and titles

admiralcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommanderdoctorenlistedensignlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior gradeofficersecurity chiefyeoman

Other references

captain's logpersonal logStarfleet uniform



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