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Declan Schlosser was a 24th century Human man. A member of Starfleet, he had reached the rank of admiral by the 2380s decade.

In the year 2385, Schlosser helped Baras Rodirya—who was masquerading as Ishan Anjar—carry out a number of questionable and outright illegal actions. These included sending a special operations team called Active Six to Jevalan to prevent Beverly Crusher and Ilona Daret from exposing evidence pointing to Baras Rodirya's complicity in the death of Ishan Anjar and the massacre of Bajorans held at the labor camp there.

Schlosser also recruited a young Commander Joshua Hayden to eliminate Galif jav Velk before Velk could turn on Baras. Admirals Leonard James Akaar and William Riker were able to prevent Velk from being killed. Hayden reported to Baras that Velk was dead.

The novel does not specify if Hayden was working with Akaar and Riker and staged the assassination along with making a false report to the Federation President or if Akaar and Riker's people stopped him from assassinating Velk and forced him to report that he was successful to the President.

Following the exposure of Baras and his arrest by Attorney General of the United Federation of Planets Phillipa Louvois, Schlosser was also taken into custody. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

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