The Declaration-class was a type of passenger liner in service in the early 23rd century, operating within the Federation.


Following a growing demand for travel between the worlds of the Federation during the Golden Age of Space, the Declaration-class of space-liners was developed. It was the first to be intended specifically to travel the main Federation space routes, such as EarthAlpha Centauri, between major member worlds. It was also the biggest starship class ever built by the Federation, and first to be equipped with subspace radio.

The first ship of this class was the USS Enterprise, which began service in 2123 SFC (c. 2195). They were the most popular passenger ships of the day, and helped worlds like Argelius II become the major tourist attractions of the Federation.

A total of 957 were commissioned before the class ceased production in 2165 SFC (c. 2230). They were superseded by the Stellarford class.


A Declaration-class was 300 meters long and 210 meters in diameter, while the living section was 28.7 meters wide. It had a mass of 52.700 tons. The design separated engineering and living areas for improved efficiency. Gravity ranged from 0.2–1.2 g, and it maintained an atmosphere of 20% oxygen with 11% humidity.

Its advanced second generation warp drive enabled a cruising speed of warp factor 3.2 (or 32.8 c), with 10:1 matter-to-antimatter mixed fuel. A standard voyage could last three months, with a range of 350 light-years, but had a possible maximum traveling time of 2.5 years over 1200 light-years. If outfitted for long-term exploration, it could carry supplies for up to 40 years.

Navigation capability was provided by a celestial warp reader, and communication was via a subspace radio. The recreation facilities included a zero-gravity gymnasium, five dining rooms, three theaters, three nightclubs, and both fore and aft observatories.

It carried 100 crew and service personnel and had capacity for up to 850 passengers, for a total capacity of 950 people (TOS reference: Spaceflight Chronology).

The size of the ship may be too small to carry this many people, unless in very cramped conditions or the rings are used as well.

Known ShipsEdit

The SFC used a "USS" prefix for even civilian Federation ships.



This class of ships was based on a ship originally designed by Matt Jefferies during the early pre-production stage of Star Trek. After the show was cancelled, the design was considered for use in a planned, but never produced, sci-fi television series by Gene Roddenberry. A portrait of the ship later appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as the USS Enterprise.

This image inspired the ST reference: Star Trek Maps' Starliner and UESP Enterprise, as well as the Declaration-class in Spaceflight Chronology. The two classes therefore appear very similar, though the Declaration-class has a very differently shaped nose-section to the original image. It may therefore be based on the much-earlier Starliner design.


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